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Book Review: Prime Deception

Author: Carys Jones
Published: 2014
Publisher: Carina UK
Number of Pages: 304
My Rating: 3

Summary from
       When Lorna Thomas is found dead in her car everyone believes she killed herself. But the day after her death Lorna was set to sell a scandalous story to one of Britain’s biggest tabloid papers. For six months she had been the Deputy Prime Minister’s mistress.
Will Lorna’s secret die with her? While her family try to move on and come to terms with her death one person refuses to believe that Lorna killed herself. Her twin sister, Laurie is convinced that Lorna was murdered and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it, even if that means teaming up the very man her sister had been having an affair with…

I was excited when Carys Jones asked me to review her new book, Prime Deception, as I have really been in the mood lately for suspenseful mysteries. However, it turned out that there wasn’t much suspense and I didn’t feel like there was a huge mystery either.

Most of the story is told from the point of view of Charles Lloyd, the Deputy Prime Minister of England. It all begins surrounding his sadness and guilt after he found out his mistress, Lorna, killed herself by driving into a tree. What he doesn’t find out, though, is that the day she died she was going to sell the story of their hot and steamy affair to a local tabloid paper for lots of cash.

Instead of trying to figure out the crime and solve the mystery, it turns out that most of the plot dwelled on the feelings and thoughts of the characters, which proved to be somewhat repetitive after awhile. While I did appreciate how the author allowed the reader to understand what each character was thinking and feeling instead of it being just from one point of view, there are only so many ways you can describe how unhappy Charles was in his marriage or how much he loved and missed Lorna after her death. 

I was hopeful when Lorna’s twin sister, Laurie, came into the picture as I felt this would give us a respite from Charles’ unhappiness and shake things up. Laurie was convinced that her twin would never commit suicide and needed Charles’ help to uncover the crime. The excitement I was waiting for, however, never came as the plot once again focused on how sad Laurie was and how much she missed Lorna.

A large chunk of the middle of the story involved details about Charles’ declining relationship with his wife, Elaine, and basically how unhappy he was with his marriage. After hearing the same thing over and over, I began to lack sympathy for him as it seemed he felt his affair was justified because he married his wife for political reasons instead of love. Boo-hoo. Get a divorce.

Finally, the last 30 pages popped up with mystery and intrigue, BUT they ended all too quickly. I felt like for the amount of build-up involved in solving the mystery and figuring it all out that everything was resolved in a couple of pages, which was very disappointing. I wish the rest of the story had the amount of energy and suspense that the ending chapters did- it would have made it much more of a thriller!

Overall, I feel like Carys definitely had the talent and writing capabilities to provide us with a more exciting and suspenseful mystery book. I feel like this was a mix between crime, romance, and mystery and it just didn’t work.

-Busy Brunette


  1. This one has been sitting in my Kindle for quite some time. I was also asked to review this book. I started it, but just couldn't get into it. I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing it. Great review!


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