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Book Review: The Heretic's Daughter

My Rating: 4

It was around Halloween when I was watching one of my favorite seasonal movies about three sisters who happened to be witches. As I laughed along and enjoyed the nostalgia this movie brought to me, I began to wonder about The Salem Witch Trials. It was at this moment I realized I didn't really know much about them at all, so I began searching for a work of historical fiction that would tell me a story while still giving me factual information about this tragic moment in our history. 
The Heretic’s Daughter was highly rated and sounded intriguing, so without knowing anything about the author or the story, I decided to pick it up. And I am so happy I did. Although the book is fiction, it is based on a real accused woman from the Salem Witch Trials, Martha Carrier, as well as her family. In fact, the author, Kathleen Kent, is a direct descendent of Martha Carrier, and this book is a product of over five years of research and writing about her heritage. If that isn't sp…

Book Review: The Life We Bury

My Rating: 3.5
I finished this book a couple of weeks ago and I feel like it has taken me that long to sort out my feelings about it. On one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful piece of work about a cold-blooded killer, and on the other hand, I felt it fell a little flat. Let me explain.

The Life We Bury is based in Minneapolis where a college student, Joe, is given an English assignment to interview a stranger. Given the fact that he doesn't have much family to speak of, or any that he wants to be associated with at least, it leaves him with no choice but to go to a nearby nursing home and hope the staff will have someone that can help him. They suggest Carl, a recently released murderer who has been sent to the nursing home to live out his final days before he dies of cancer.

The rest of the story entails Joe trying to find out Carl's life story and fit the pieces together of what could have possibly turned a Vietnam hero into a killer. Roadblocks are thrown in his wa…