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Book Review: The Twilight Tsunami

My Rating: 3

*I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

If you are at all curious, or oblivious, about the sad realities that make up the Social Services system, then I highly suggest you read this book. If you are looking for a novel with a solid plot and storyline- then you might be somewhat disappointed. 
The Twilight Tsunami is a story about the Social Services system as well as some of the cases that have to be handled. The “main character” is Grey, a tough social worker that has a backwards way of handling cases, but is just what the department needs for the hardest child removals. As it turns out, however, Grey really isn't the main character as the story is told from many other points of view. While I appreciated the various perspectives and situations, I felt that I had a hard time connecting to any single person as it was constantly jumping from character to character. 
Another thing that did not sit well with me was the inclusion of romantic r…

Book Review: Wreckage

My Rating: 4
You know that emoji, that has the wide open eyes and the jaw dropped down in surprise? That was my exact face when I finished this book. 
I had seen Wreckage by Emily Bleeker on the shelves at my favorite bookstores, but I had never taken the time to read the description as I passed by. Once I finally did read a little more about it, I couldn't help but read the first couple of pages to see if it was as intriguing as it seemed. I was instantly hooked. I could not put this book down and I devoured it all within a few days. 
At its core, Wreckage is a story about a plane crash that leaves its survivors struggling to stay alive on a deserted island. But dig a little deeper, and it is SO much more than that. It covers the main issues of life and death, but also those of deception, truth, survival, desperation, and that thin line between right and wrong. The characters in the story have to navigate their feelings about the families they left behind, while also trying to forge…

Book Review: The Magnolia Story

My Rating: 5
As soon as I finished The Magnolia Story, I started it all over again- that is how much I enjoyed reading about Chip and Joanna Gaines.
In case you aren't familiar with Chip and Joanna, they are the husband-and-wife team behind the ridiculously popular show Fixer Upper on HGTV. Fixer Upper follows them as they renovate families’ houses in order to create their dream homes. Chip does all the construction work while Joanna does all of the designing. They both had these separate strengths throughout their lives and ended up combining them into what they are today.
The Magnolia Story is about how the couple met and how their relationship evolved into a marriage and then children. The book is told mainly from Joanna’s point of view, but Chip also chimes in from time to time with his side of things or his own story. What I love about this that you can perfectly hear their voices and their back and forth banter (I can only imagine how hilarious the audiobook is).
The best par…