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Book Review: Fractured

My Rating: 4
I finished this book in less than a day if that gives you any indication of how much I enjoyed it (and I have a young toddler so this was no easy feat). Every time I pick up a book that sounds like it will be suspenseful, I am hoping for an experience like this one. The writing was engaging, the plot gripping, and the emotions were electric. 
Fractured is the story of a famous author, Julie, who moves with her family to a new suburban neighborhood to escape an obsessed stalker that has haunted her for years. She is hoping the neighborhood will not only be a great place to start over, but will also be the perfect setting to help her write her second novel. This community with manicured lawns and impeccable houses turns out to be far from idyllic, however. 
The story alternates viewpoints between Julie and her neighbor across the street, John, which makes the reading go that much faster. It also switches between ‘then’ and ‘now’, a technique that basically causes you to never …

Book Review: Hitler's Last Secretary

My Rating: 5

As an avid reader of anything about World War II, I was surprised when I realized I had never read this book. If you have any interest whatsoever about the final days of Adolf Hitler, this is definitely a must-read. 
Hitler’s Last Secretary is a one-of-a-kind piece as it gives you a perspective that you cannot get from any other book about World War II. Traudl Junge was Hitler’s secretary not only in the last couple of years of the war, but also the last few weeks of Hitler’s life in the underground bunker, and her chronicle of that time period is truly fascinating. 
The beginning was a little slow, as it gives a summary of Traudl’s childhood and family life, but I know it was necessary in order to better understand her background. I feel like those first chapters might turn you away if you think that's what the rest of the book is going to feel like, but just stick with it until the actual journals begin because you will not be disappointed. Traudl wrote down her time u…

Book Review: The Girls

My Rating: 4
The Girls is a book that will hook you in, and make your stomach turn; it will make you think, and make you want to forget. 
Although the author never comes out and says it, The Girls is a fictional story based on The Manson Family and the Manson Murders. The characters are based on actual members of the Family, including Charles Manson himself, but the main character is completely fictional. 
If you are unaware, Charles Manson is an American criminal who was the leader of a type of cult that arose in the late 1960s. Manson believed there was going to be an apocalyptic race war, and he grew a following of people who shared his beliefs and basically idolized him. This following became known as The Manson Family, and he eventually convinced them to commit multiple murders in his name. 
The intention of this book isn't to detail the murders or to solve what happened, but rather, its main focus is to examine the psyche of the girls involved, as well as the members in general,…

Book Review: In a Dark, Dark, Wood

My Rating: 2
I started reading In a Dark, Dark Wood in the summer, and I was extremely excited to have a creepy thriller to speed through by the pool. I was, unfortunately, not creeped out or thrilled at all- honestly, I was bored out of my mind. 
In a Dark, Dark Wood starts off interesting enough and I was hooked for the first quarter of it or so. The main character, Nora, is invited to a hen party (bachelorette party) for a woman who used to be her best friend, but hasn't heard from in ten years. A mutual friend that is also invited ends up talking her into going, and the weekend getaway is at an all-glass house in the middle of the woods. Spooky setting, right? 
There are a few other people invited and they go through a weekend full of monotonous conversations and awkward situations. The characters are all unlikeable and I did not feel a connection to anyone, including Nora. The story alternates between the hen party and Nora in the hospital, being told there was a murder in the h…